9. Login/Online User Registration

1 Login 2 Online User Registration3 Resetting your password

The following functions are available after logging in to the NDL Online.

  • Request
  • Modify current requests or review your request status and request history
  • Review or modify user information
  • Store bibliographic records in My List

You need not log in to the NDL Online to search for library materials.

* Logins that are inactive for more than one hour are automatically logged out.

Login screen

9-1 Login (1-a)

Click the Login button in the upper right corner of the screen to display the login dialog.

Enter your User ID and Password, then click the Login button to connect to the NDL Online.

9-2 Online User Registration (1-b)

Anyone eighteen years of age or older is eligible to become a registered user. A valid email address is required to register.

You can obtain only one user ID. We cannot issue multiple user IDs to one patron. If you have already registered with our library, you may not register again via NDL Online.

The following online services are available to Online Registered Users.

  • Remote photoduplication
  • Reservations for browsing (request only*)
  • Interfacility requests for browsing (request only*)
  • Article research service

* Patrons must obtain a Registration Card to use materials at the NDL. A driver's license or other proof of identity is required.

Patrons who have completed an online user registration but also wish to enter the library and use NDL services must apply separately for a Registration Card.

For more information on a registration card or user registration system, please refer to the User Registration on our website.

* Online user registration is available to individual users only.

Application procedure

・Enter your email address

Click the Become a Registered User button in the lower left corner of the dialog to display the following screen.

Enter your email address, read the terms and conditions, select the "I accept the above terms and conditions" check box, and then click the Agree and Send button.

Online User Registration (enter Email address)

・Receive email

An email confirming receipt of your application is sent to the email address you provided from the ndl.go.jp domain.

The email includes a URL that can be accessed to complete your user registration. Please access the URL within 24 hours.

・Fill in and submit the application form

Click the URL in the email to display the following screen.

Complete the registration form with the necessary information and specify a password.

(A name, date of birth, title, country of residence, address, telephone number, and password are all necessary to complete the form.)

Click the Go to Confirm button to display a completed application form. Click the Confirm button if all the information is correct.

* Inputting telephone numbers

Please provide a number to a mobile or landline where you can be reached during the day. It is possible that we will try to contact you if we need to confirm the content of registration or request. A facsimile number is also permissible for those with hearing disabilities. Please contact us via the webform if you have any questions.

Online user registration (enter user information)

・Application accepted

The message "Your application for Online User Registration has been accepted" is displayed when your application is accepted. Your Online User ID will be sent to you via email shortly thereafter.

Updating registered user information

After logging in, you can update your registered information on the User Information screen.

For more information, please see section 8. My Account.

Proof of identity is required if you wish to cancel your registration.

For more information, please refer to the section Deregistration on our website.

9-3 Resetting your password (1-c)

You will need your user ID and the email address to reset your password.

How to reset your password

・Enter user ID and email address

Click the Forgot Your Password? button in the lower right corner of the Login dialog to display the following screen.

Enter your User ID and email address, then click the Agree and Send button.

Reset Password (enter Email address)

・Receive email

An email to confirm your request will be sent to your registered address.

The email includes a URL that can be accessed to reset your password. Please access the URL within 10 minutes.

・Reset password

Click the URL to display the following screen screen.

Enter a new password and click the Reset Password button.

The message "You have successfully changed your password" is displayed when the change is complete.

Reset Password (enter Password)