7. Request Status/Request History

1 Request status2 Request history

Review the status of current requests and a list of your past requests.

Click the All Requests button in the upper right corner of the screen to display the status of all your current requests. You must be logged in to use this function.

For registered individual users, the status of your requests is shown to the left of the All Requests button, as shown below.

  • Inside the library, this bar displays requests for Browsing and Same-day photoduplication.
  • Outside the library, this bar displays requests for Remote photoduplication.

Request status bar

7-1 Request status

Messages from the NDL and requests that have yet to be completed are shown on this screen.

Click the All Requests button in the upper right corner of the screen to display the Request Status screen.

Access the Request History screen to review requests that have already been completed.

* Returned materials do not appear on the request status screen.

* The following requests are automatically deleted from the Request Status screen after 10 days.

  • Unavailable
  • Shipped
  • Response sent

Request Status screen

Status icon

The following icons are used to indicate the status of your requests.

Table1 Status icon
In process icon In process
Finished icon

Arrived (Browsing, Interfacility request for browsing, Reservation for browsing, Onsite loan)

Finished (Same-day photoduplication)

Shipped (Remote photoduplication, Later date photoduplication (sent via mail))

Response sent (Article research service, Reference)

In use icon In Use
Unavailable icon Unavailable
Cancel icon Cancelled

Cancel request

You can cancel the following uncompleted requests from the Request Status screen.

Table2 Cancelable requests
Remote photoduplication While request status is Specifying the Portion to be Copied or Holding.
Article research service While request status is Received.
Reference While request status is Received.

Please click the Details button for the request you wish to cancel.

Click the Cancel This Request button to cancel the request.

7-2 Request history

You can review completed requests.

Your history of browsing, loan, same-day photoduplication, self-service photoduplication, and printout requests for the past 1 month is available. Your history of remote photoduplication, later date photoduplication (sent via mail), and article research requests for the past 3 months is available. Your complete history of references requests is available.

Click the Request History button in the upper right corner of the Request Status screen to display the Request History screen.

Select the type of request you wish to review and click the Submit button to display the requested information.

* You can search request information to review article research service and reference requests.

Request History screen